Why the Medical Missionary Work?

This topic highlights the compassion of Christ and his method of reaching lost souls and restoring them to both physical and spiritual health.

The 10 Laws of the Mind

This course demonstrates that the body and the mind are closely connected.  It teaches you how to take control of your mind and let your mind rule your body rather than let your body rule your mind.    

Pure Air

This topic presents the importance of breathing pure fresh air and the harmful effect on the body from dwelling in impure air.
Audio: Pure Air.mp3


This topic presents the amazing benefits of brilliant sunlight on the human body and how it can prevent and heal many diseases and contribute to great health.


This course presents the topic of balance in life with the highlight of indulgences which we need to reduce or avoid in our daily habits of eating, drinking or dressing.  It also discusses how to keep free from addictions.    
Audio: Temperance.mp3


This course presents the importance of daily exercise and the benefits of walking as the best exercise form of exercise for diseased bodies.
Audio: Exercise.mp3     

Diabetes Type 2 - Pt 1

An audio presentation giving you a step by step approach on how to prevent and reverse Diabetes using simple everyday means including the laws of health.  You will be amazed at how EASY IT IS TO REVERSE DIABETES!    


Diabetes Type 2 - Pt 2

Learn of the differences among Diabetes Type 1, 1.5 and 2.  Get a simple illustrated insight into the major factor that lock and seal the insulin receptors of your cells and how to unlock them. 

Diabetes Type 2 - Pt 3

Understand some key warning signals of Diabetes Type 2 and some basic principles around foods to avoid and what you can eat.