We offer the following services to meet your needs:

Health Lectures
Interactive health seminarS based on the latest information about disease reversal and how to develop healthy lifestyle habits.

One-on-One Consultations

Where we meet with you in a private setting to discuss your health needs with a full lifestyle assessment and recommendations.

Phone Consultations

A full lifestyle assessment will be completed to assess your health needs. (Done via fax or email and then completed by phone).

Cooking Classes
An interactive cooking school which teaches you how to prepare healthy, tasty meals and includes sampling and a Question & Answer session.

Lunch-n-Learn Seminars
This is an abbreviated seminar which includes a lecture and a sample meal, allowing you to evaluate the program.

Build Your Own Program
This is a customized program specifically designed for groups with special dietary and/or health needs. (“Fees applied”)
Gospel Medical Missionary Literature Evangelist Training
Join a classroom or sign up for our distance learning program; our training program is designed to meet the demands of your busy life.  Email us for registration and details.