Diabetes Gone 

"I was Diabetic and on 202 units of Insulin and 2000 mg of Metformin daily.  I met with James, who put on the Plan, which was an all-green plant-based diet, lifestyle changes such as walking at least for one hour daily, going to bed on time and in one day I was able to drop off 100 units of Insulin.  In five days time I was able to come off all of the Insulin and all of the Metformin simply by making these changes."

Damaged Heart Healed 

"At 27 years old, I had a damaged heart, its functionality was bad, I had difficulty walking reasonable distances, low energy, out of breath a lot and more.  The local doctors wanted me to fly to another country for surgery but I did not have enough money. 

I am a Chef, I had two jobs, and drank cases of energy drinks each week to keep up with the lifestyle. When I had my consult with NHTLH, I was told to stop eating flesh foods and go on a total plant-based diet. I decided to make the changes and in a couple of days I felt better.  In two weeks, I was able to walk for one continual hour, which I could not do before, by the third week when I visited my primary physician for a check up, my heart was completely restored."

Complete Reversal

"I was pre-diabetic, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and heart related issues. I had my consult, got on the Plan, with a total plant-based diet, started walking daily, getting adequate sunlight, sleeping on schedule, and in two weeks later when I visited my doctor, he ran some tests. The doctor was so amazed of my improvement, that he called the Cardiologist to see the results, my sugar level, blood pressure and cholesterol were all normalized."

Losing Weight without Losing the Plate

"When I met with NHTLH, I weighed over 400lbs. I was put on the Plan, and asked to eat a plant-based diet, including lifestyle changes such as eating on schedule, spacing out my meals with no snacking in-between, walking for one hour daily, and going to bed on time. In six months I was able to drop off 95 lbs."

"I was size 16 wanted to lose weight. I met with NHTLH and was put on the Plan, with an all-green plant-based diet and lifestyle changes. In seven and a half months I was reduced to size 6!  I've been so happy."